Spintastics Quicksilver


Hi, I’m new to spin tops and i was just wondering if spintops come with a string. I’m sure they do, i just don’t want to get it and not have a string. Also, is the Spintastics Quicksilver a good spin top? I know it is for the more advanced player, but i tend to catch on to these things very quickly and am already a pretty good yoyo player. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


Yes, tops always come with string (but sometimes it is not the optimal length).

The Quicksilver fixed-tip (especially with the diabolo tip) is the best fixed-tip top you can buy for the money.

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I also started not to long ago. I would definitely get the Quicksilver for you are surely going to want a good top soon enough, but I would also get an inexpensive top, that can be alternated between fixed and bearing, for the first few days when it will be submitted to a great deal of abuse while you learn the spinner and boomerang. That way you won’t damage the tip of your quicksilver.