New Spintastics Quicksilver Spin Top

The Quicksilver Spin Top from Spintastics is a beautifully crafted top featuring a plastic/metal hybrid construction. The shape comes from the already popular plastic Trompo, giving it a nice large size for maximum spin time and maneuverability. It was designed with a Plastic Crown and a machined aluminum body which gives it an amazing weight distribution and added durability.

This top is available in two options. One with a fixed tip, which is good for basic and regenerative string tricks, and one with a ‘dual bearing’ tip which is perfect for more advanced string tricks. Note it is easier to switch a bearing version to a fixed tip but more difficult to convert a fixed tip to a bearing.

The Spintastics Quicksilver is designed for more intermediate to advanced spin top throwers as it is a bit heavier and requires a good release!

I have a few of these and they are really well made, awesome playing tops. Love the colorways!

Splash spintops… awesome.

Just picked one up! I can sort of throw a fixed top, so lets see what I can do with this.