Spin Out YoYo team contest

As some people may know I own a YoYo team called Spin Out. Just post a video and the URL to it and the winner gets an invitation to join the team! It is not like getting sponsored though, you don’t get paid to be on the team. The contest ends February 24th 2013. Enter now!
Sincerely, William(me) and team Spin Out.

Are there any benefits to being a part of team spin out?

You get the gmail and password and can post videos on our teams youtube page. It’s just fun being on a team!

to be honest, youre not going to get many people just posting like that. it would be good to mention whos on your team now, is it a serious/competition team, show your youtube channel, have a couple vids up to showcase your team members’ standard. stuff like that

Okay, here’s the teams youtube and players: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKMqUQFYnJPe25dHj8bqG4g

Bump http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKMqUQFYnJPe25dHj8bqG4g


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