Speedmaker Response Adjusting

ok, i don’t know if this goes under mods, but here goes:
when you are adjusting the response of the speedmaker, if the gap is bigger, what happens to the response(e.g. more responsive or less responsive)? And, of course, vice versa- what happens when the gap is smaller? Please help!

When the gap is bigger it is less responsive, when its smaller it is more responsive. :wink:

But you can’t give a gap way to big, or the string won’t even wind up properly, and won’t “unwind” properly, it will just slip to the end of the string.

weird. my gap is as small as it will go, but it is still unresponsive. i think because over time it gets less responsive.

Yep. The bearing breaks in, but if the gap is bigger it may be even less responsive.

how do u break the bearing in ?

btw, my speedmaker is doing well by turning the cap 2 turns (adjusting the gap and without making any changes) :smiley:

make sure that the bearing is clean and u adjusted the gap to its maximum (make sure the string wont slide into the axle) and ull get a pleasing unresponsive play

The bearing breaking in refers to the lube that the yoyo bearing shiped in breaks down therfore making it more unresponsive.

By playing it.

BTW - did you look at the date on the post you replied to?
It’s 3 years old,son… :wink: