speedmaker modd?

i got a yyj speedmaker but it only slept for 20 seconds.then i put a bearing from a legacy in it.now it spins for a little under 4 minuts.am i the only one who has done this.if you havent then try it and leave a coment.

yea i have tried it but it’s not really a big difference. I tried taking the o-ring out to make it super unresponsive it worked but binding was pretty hard because it could not grip the string.

i’ve sanded off the starburst and drilled in the plastic to make dual silicone

Well, Just play with the stock bearing of your Speedmaker, lube if often, play with it.

If you notice rust in the bearing, don’t sand it, just leave it until the bearing will turn black.

Just play it always, Improve your throw, make it Strong and Straight, Break (the bearing) in, have fun and it will enhanced and improve the sleep time. :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice but Ithink i’ll keep it this way with the legacy bearing.i would use my legacy but both of the silicone stickers randomly popped out.i can’t get them back in.i’m going to get more silicone stickers but they’re out of stock here.i might have to get the red ones from yoyoguy.com.will they work?but thats a whole nother topic so i won’t get into that.

Mods ive done to my speedmaker, Hmmm.

Swirl Dye Job
Spec Bearing
Sand and Recess the Starburst half, so now its dual silicone.
Flattened rims just a tiny tiny bit.
Shimmed out with 2 red shims.

Plays awesome.