Speeder 2?

I saw pics and the epic vid of it, but when will it be released, does anyone know,? because i wanna just save the money i have now if its coming out soon

it IS coming out now, as i played the first one ever sold. too bad i didnt have the cash when the guy was selling. I dont think im aloud to say much more.


Release is June 23.


wish i had had the cash on me to buy it then and there

Good, that gives me time to save up ;D

i talked to andre it releses june 23 i have 100 dollers making sure i have enoughtim so exited

when i heard this on the yoyo skills blog,my jaw dropped.
I’m really interested in this thing because… umm… well… the video explained it. ;D

I’m pretty sure that this one is going to still cost around $40, so I’m pretty pumped