I am working on speed, tell me what you think.



I wouldn’t call it Mickey fast but it was nice and smooth.

(D@§h!zn!t) #3

Not bad man!! Remember, smoothness in tricks is important too. ;D


Of course it isnt going to be Mickey fast.


From what I saw, the string looks like its almost the height of your neck. Trim it to your belly button, it will improve your control of the string, and make you faster. It may seem awkward, but get used to it, it will make you perform much better. But you shouldn’t be working on speed yet, work on smoothness first. Smoothness will definitely make your speed look more awesome.

Good tricks, practice some more ;D


nice tricks!

i agree … shorten your string , get smoother and smoother and then you will naturaly be faster!

(i personally don’t fell fast but when i watch my vid i just think that i am to fast and not smooth enought !)

You got a good level so keep it up !!