Speed Stacks

I know we’ve had a few brief discussions about Speed Stacks/WSSA on this forum, but I’m just curious who else is into this? I’m 32 years old and honestly not that good. I know I’m not. My girlfriend purchased some stacks for her kids a while ago, they’re both in grade school, and it very quickly became a new obsession of mine. Being an adult in a sport dominated by kids I know my times suck, but I’m trying. I thought we could maybe post times or something, maybe there really isn’t a lot to talk about, but it’s a great time consumer and very good for us OCD skill toy people.

Best 3-6-3 time: 4.13
Best Cycle time: 12:82

I honestly think speed stacks is one of the lamest hobbies ever. To me there is no merit to it, unless you are at a contest, because it’s not something that can be carried around and shown off in an instant. As for the skill, there is no room to innovate as the users hands can only move on an XY axis; pretty much all other skill toys require movement on an XYZ plane. I’ve tried doing it and I’ve watched a few contests but I’ve concluded that there is no value to it because there are cooler things to do in order to quench “OCD” tendencies.