SPEC bearing

i heard alot of people saying that your not allowed to clean or lube your spec bearing is this true???

I personally don’t think so, I think all bearings of all kinds need cleaning and lubing…

I clean my spec. Nothing has happened to it.

It doesn’t actually matter if you do or not, I got my eight/8/eight and I don’t plan on cleaning it for a long time. Let it break in or wear out a little, then see what to do. :wink:

People just don’t clean them because they feel that it is smooth enough.

Personally, I don’t believe in cleaning any type of bearing. I think that if you break it in, it with play just as well, if not better.

Well, all of mine have come thin lubed, so there is no point in cleaning it and lubing it. I clean most YYJ because they seem to be lubed. But I don’t clean SPECs unless I get something in there.

But when i went to spinworkx in singapore the guys there told me not to clean it or lube it…(yes i want to singapore for a few days lol)

You are allowed to clean them

i dont clean any of my berrings, but i thin lupe them to get the crusty factory lube out! :smiley:

oh ok thanks guys ;D

If you just got a SPEC I would say just play with it, maybe after a little while you could put a drop of lube in there, but you don’t need to clean it right off the bat. If you get something in there, then definitely clean it but don’t do it right away. It isn’t necessary and it probably doesn’t do as good a job as just playing it.