Spank You Very Much Helpy Helperton!

(Waylon) #1

I just wanted to throw a big Thanks out to the Yoyoexperts on here. I’m still new to throwing and, though I don’t post a lot of technical questions, I read a lot of them and benefit from the answers. I was on the verge of thinking I’d never get past trapeze when, this weekend, I learned two cool new tricks and how how to string three or four of them together in a sequence. I threw till my throwing finger was raw and then i taped it up and kept going. Made me very happy.

Also, thanks for taking the time to answer the non-technical questions I do post. I’m forever curious about what goes on inside the heads of others who become addicted to things like this.

(Waylon) #2

Bonus points if you can name the movie this post gets its title from.

(JonasK) #3

I guess there’s a good reason André names out eXperts.


Ace Ventura!!!


yeah this site is awesome! i put a question up and 2 mins later a have 5 anwers lol!

oh and not to be picky but the quote is “Spank you, helpy helperton” however i will let you off haha!


You’re welcome :wink:

Haha, welcome to

We hope you enjoy your stay here! Come, take off your shoes and sit, you’re going to be staying a while :stuck_out_tongue: