Spam check

I know I am a bit of a nerd for saying this but in the spam check it says what does 2+2 equal, but it should be what is the sum of 2+2, it just gives a more professional first impression to new members. I noticed this while helping a friend sign up.

It means the same thing, and I think it’s purposely worded that way so as to (maybe) confuse the spambots. :wink:

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Really? I mean really?

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Spam Tastes Good…

You hurt my feelings! :frowning: Now I feel very nerdy!
And I guess even admins necro, but I would have preferred this thread to have died, I’m probably not helping am I? Don’t answer that.

no. no your not. lol :smiley:

seriously though, there is nothing wrong with asking if something is right.

“the only dumb question is the one that isnt asked”

No you did nothing wrong. Things like this keep us in check. To all good brother.