Spacer Stuck to the yoyo half.

So I bought a Dark Magic 2 yoyo a few years ago and was very pleased with it. I lost one of the parts for it and bought a new one about a week ago. I noticed that when I had the unresponsive spacer in it, it was still coming up if I tugged on it. I checked to see if there were any knots and there weren’t. I should have checked the string tension but didn’t. I put both spacers in it to see how that would work and I wasn’t very fond of it. I tried to take out the smaller one but it’s stuck. I’ve tried prying it off, pulling it off, shaking it off, and smacking the other side hoping to loosen it up but nothing seems to get the spacer off. I put the string back on to try some responsive yoyo tricks and as soon as I threw the yoyo down, the string got stuck between the spacer and the yoyo itself. I pull the string out but it ripped the string. Does anyone have and suggestions to help get the spacer off? I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

There are no spacers in a DM2.

There is the solid spin axle, which the bearing sits on.

Maybe a picture could help? Outside and inside. Something isn’t right but I’m not sure how to advise because there’s some confusion due to language, terminology or yoyo “anatomy” issues.


Is this what you are calling the spacer?

That’s the bearing.

To get it out stick it in the freezer for half a hour then use pliers and rock back and forth till it comes loose…

The Ghost Edition DM2 I recently got, the narrow bearing was somewhat tight. The YYF bearing puller was all I needed to get it out, and it took minimal effort.

I think anyone with any pliers could remove that easily as long as they don’t think they are gonna have to be Hercules and crush the handles on the pliers!