Spacer Caught Under Edge of Response Pad, Is There a Fix Without Replacing The Pad?

Hey guys. I am working on repairing some older yoyos I have, and I am currently fixing a Duncan Flying Squirrel. The spacer was stuck to the bearing, so I wedged it out. I popped the spacer back in, and it went underneath an edge of the response pad. Can’t seem to get the spacer out, it’s stuck pretty well in there. The response pad on there is the one it came with, and the yoyo slept okay when the spacer and bearing were stuck together. The pad is also preventing the bearing from contacting the spacer or spinning, but the bearing on its own is just fine. I thought about trying to cut out that part of the pad, but I’m afraid I might ruin it and I don’t have any extra pads. Is there a better way to do this without buying replacement pads, or should I just cut that part off?
(bottom picture on right side of pad)

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I’d try to gently pry the sticker off. Then reposition it. Alternatively use an exacto knife to trim the sticker in that area.