Space cowboy or Pulsefire?

Okay, this is the last which is better forum I will do… just trying to get a great throw.

Toss a coin. But if you care about how they play Im sure forum members here can give you feedback on the differences in play characteristics.

Ultimately it boils down to: do you want fantastic power and spin-time but with a bit of the heft that goes along with such things? Space Cowboy is for you. Are you willing to sacrifice a bit of spin-time in order to have lighter weight? Pulsefire is the one.

They both resist tilt very well; both have good blasted surfaces for finger grinds; both have similar cups for fingerspins… I find the Pulsefire vaguely more comfortable on the catch, but then again I am accustomed to V shapes.

My preference is the Pulsefire-- it spins plenty long for me, while being lighter and more nimble. More suited to how I like to play.

Pulsefire for all the reasons Greg listed, and i feel like the difference in spin time is negligible.

I’ve thrown both and love the powerful feel and kickback of the Cowboy. Makes it feel like a beast, in a good way.

I prefer the Space Cowboy.