Southern KY/northern TN throwers?

I’m located in south-central Kentucky, I know of only 1 thrower so far in Kentucky besides me, and they’re like 4 hours away. Just curious if there are any throwers in the region, as well as contests or events? Louisville, KY and the Nashville, TN area are about an hour and a half-long drives for me, so I could make events in those areas from time to time.

Thanks guys, and happy throwing.

No one?

I recently just started to yoyo and I am from Richmond! I can’t seem to find anyone else near me that really likes to yoyo. I also can’t seem to find any events located anywhere near me. Have you had any luck finding any?

No. Richmond is about 3 hours from me, I’m really close to bowling green, if you know where that is.

Hey im a novice 2a thrower! im located in nashville and i have 1 other friend here who does 1A. he is a beginner still perfecting his mounts However. We would love to hear news of a yoyo gathering or comp, even help to start building a comunity so let me know how i can help!!!

I’m about an hour and a half out of Nashville. I do 1a and dabble in 4a. Honestly though, I’m a fixed axle junkie and about a month without bearings. If there were a meet up in that area I’d be down as long as I’m off work.

I’m from ohio. :slight_smile: Closish. XD I’m going to nku, does that count.

So, just saw this thread. Yeah, I’m from BG. I go to school in Ohio, but I’m back home fairly often.

Where in ohio you go to school?

Cedarville. It’s between Dayton and Columbus, real close to Xenia.

Oh i know where that is. Yeah I’ve heard some sketchy things about xenia. XD

If you’re ever in Bowling Green on a Thursday or Friday (my days off) and want to throw a bit let me know. I’m about 30-ish minutes away.

I’ll let ya know if i’m in anthens if that’s closer.