Local clubs


Anyone throwing in Kentucky or southern Indiana


There was already a post about this but when I click on it it says database error and does not show any post


Where are you at? I believe I posted that last one a couple years back.


I live in Louisville


Where you at do you live in KY.


Do you live in KY


I’m just outside of Lexington!


Aye i live in louisville too


I’m a hour from Louisville. Do you guys know other people that throw there? I don’t really know anyone around here that does.


Western KY Here :slight_smile:


I don’t know anyone local but would like to possibly get something local started I have family that lives in western ky but would like to look for something in Louisville somewhat centrally located for Lexington, Indiana, and western ky please give feed back and let me know what you guys think



What part of town if you don’t mind me asking? Currently I am in Shively


I’d be down for a trip to Louisville to meet some other throwers. Who knows, I might learn something. Lol


Hey guys, we have had a few Lexington area yoyo club meet ups, but I am totally willing to travel a little bit, as are the other guys that come. I started the Lexington Area Yoyo Club so if you have any questions or want to join here is the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1133146226755628/ Alternatively, you may message me on here. I’m new to the forums, so bare with me.


Local jeffvilian here (Jeffersonville)