Anyone in West Tn or West Ky


I just got started in the wide wide world of yoyo’s. Just curious if there was anyone else in west tn or west ky to maybe throw with.

Thanks eggman


I live in Ky and yoyo but I live in Louisville


Join us at the Memphis Yo-Yo Club. To learn more, go to:


I also live in Louisville. I didn’t know there was any other throwers around


I live in western Kentucky. One hour from Paducah.


There is a yoyo club in Lexington if anyone is interested let me know there is already a member from Glascow


I can’t come often, but would like to. I visit Lexington maybe twice a year. I would like to meet some yoyoers though. I might shoot you a pm next time I come up if that is cool.


Sounds great


Check out Lexington area yoyo club on Facebook