Sonic rainboom.


(Jei Cheetah) #2

Oh snap you got much better all of a sudden.

Also, mark that down as the 4th person to create a trick called “sonic rainboom”


Needs to be a bit smoother but it looks like a good trick.


To be honest, I barely yoyo anymore but i use the forums a lot.

Really? FOURTH??? i shoulda uploaded a LONG time ago, back in june.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I need to work on smoothness


agreed, but overall, really cool vid ;D


I like that slack near the end


Thanks :slight_smile: I realized it was possible to use that after being random

(M²) #8

It was a nice trick, but I’d like to comment on the length. A pet peeve of mine has always been long tricks like this. The point of a trick is to have a series of moves you can do, so that you can perform them without having to reinvent the wheel. Extra length does not benefit this goal at all. A lot of the things I do when I yoyo are more of “moves”. They take about 3 seconds or less and generally keep me in a familiar mount (trapeze, wrist mount, 1.5 etc). I could string all these moves together and have a nice long trick, but where would that get me? It would restrict me as to what I could do and when. Your trick has been better than others at this, but at 17 sec, you were in a trapeze, and then kept going. You could of, however, stopped there, and then had another trick to be done strait from a trapeze whenever you want, without having to do all the previous things. I don’t mean to direct this mainly at the quality of your trick so much as to provide you with food for thought when yoyoing. Why restrict yourself when you can enable yourself? You are completely justified against my argument at every point except 17 sec. It is very much necessary to have a set it stone routine when you playing with unfamiliar mounts, but when so many tricks start at a trapeze, It seemed like you were just dragging it out when you continued it. I know a lot of times it’s simpler to just show a bunch of things as one trick, but I personally think it would have been beneficial to stop at 17 sec.


Points to Jensen Kimmet’s 2011 worlds freestyle

(M²) #10

I don’t see how that relates…


1throw, 2-3 minutes

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My post had absolutely nothing to do with the number of throws, or how many things a person does during that throw. You can do more than one trick per throw.


That was pretty sick. You got really good all of a sudden.