Something pretty interesting...

So… I saw a video from YYE for 2013 nationals, and I found something pretty interesting… apparently they show you a pair of shoes with a CLYW logo on them. Is this something that actual companies make or did he just sew a CLYW logo on some random pair of shoes?

the picture alone cant even rule out sticker

Good point

looks like it was an iron on patch. Besides the point converse do make custom shoes but, they don’t put logos on their shoes that aren’t their own.

I’m pretty sure he did that himself

Pretty sick though.

There were some sew on CLYW Patches floating around for awhile. It looks like one of those, same size it looks like.

On the facebook bst someone sold these a whîe ago,these are 1/1 shoes made by concrete with a custom colorway (bipbop) just for clyw.