sOMEThING Anglam Pinnacle & Anglam Zero CC!


The goal with the Pinnacle was to adjust the weight distribution while holding onto that signature Anglam power and speed in play. It has a fast and powerful presence on the string with an agility that is hard to match. The Pinnacle handles direction change with ease and despite the heavier weight, it feels light and bouncy in play.

Zero CC:

Inheriting the body shape of the Anglam CC, this latest version utilizes the strengths of Titanium to push the weight distribution to the next level. Titanium can be machined way thinner than aluminum, so sOMEThING was able to make the walls extra thing to reduce center weight, giving the Anglam Zero CC a really powerful feel without any added weight.


Every time I see the price of a new titanium yoyo, I get a new found appreciation for the Ti-Vayder.


I probably am in the top 20% of wing wangs ($) spent per year on yo-yos, not because I’m rich but because I’m crazy and I really don’t treat myself to anything else. That said I don’t know who buys $600 yos. Is it the people with super deep pockets, the ones who worship a brand, people who buy like 1 new throw a year? At that price I wouldn’t want to even get fingerprints on it. If I was a competitor I could see spending that much, maybe… And these things sell out! Do they spend coin like this in Asia maybe? Someone who’s spent that much share your story.


There’s a customer for everything. Some people are big titanium fans, and it’s an Anglam.


I did buy the $600 Hummingbird Tiss and I don’t regret it but that was a bimetal. It is not really fair to compare these with the Vayder as that was a charity not for profit run.


I have these exact same thoughts when these drops happen. The only one I ever considered was the AHAY Horcrux. Only because of my fanboyism for, and alignment in, the HP realm of fiction.