Someone please buy these yoyos!

I really need money as I haven’t been able to find a job…please help me out if you are interested at all…

If any of these prices are too high, send me a message with what you are willing to pay and we will work something out…thanks!!!

The YoYos: (All prices are shipped within the US; prefer Paypal)

B.I.O. Ego - $75
Perfect Condition

B.I.O. Pre-Production Gear- $50
Few marks

Dif-E-Yo Barebones (Beadblasted) - $45
Lots of Marks (Pictures upon request)

HSpin Good & Evil 2 Poison - $75
Lots of Marks

YoYoJam 2006 US Nats X-Convict - $30
One chip in coating, otherwise perfect.

YoYoFactory 401k w/ Rubber Shuttles - $55
Few Marks

YoYoFactory B-Grade Black g5 w/ White hubstacks - $40
Few marks

YoYoFactory Speed Dial - $25
Perfect Condition

YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2 - $50
Good condition

Please help me out guys! I need the cash!



next time, read the rules you need pics

There are a lot of people who don’t post pics…

Alright, man. No worries, haha.

Anyways I got a few pics up, I’ll put more when I get a chance…

Can you make the G5 $30 and take off the stacks??? Please???