Some thread with Norway in the title was moved to moderator quarantine.

I am quite curious of the contents in that thread.

It’s just… nothing. Just nothing.

This is more serious than we had thought.

Oh lawd what have I done!

Still slightly frustrated and very curious about the contents in that thread.

The content was just trash from another copy of Norway. It was just inappropriate content that has no place on this forum and some frivolous claims. It contains nothing insightful and this is no place for it.

Move along now.

Bolded confuses me. I don’t think that these are the droids I’m looking for…

EDIT: The idea of “norway” being a forum member has now struck me.

It’s not you tolling is it JonasK?

Norway123 was the original name.

If he does live in Norway you should hunt him down and…

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