Ending Drama


Ok, I think many of us are starting to get real frustrated at the Tomonzzz nonsense. I was under the impression he was banned. I was wrong apparently.

And he’s at it again. Not that this is a surprise to anyone.

Chat logs enclosed. And I’m a little irritated that I had to make a thread about this.

(Erik) #2

I’m with Doc. The guy hit me up two separate times tonight and really hijacks the chat since he wont shut up. I went to the YYN chat at one point and they said he was bothering them over there at the same time he was in our chat here.

He needs to be gone.


Just to throw some more fuel on this fire…


New antics!


we cant do any thing about scammers they are going to find us and start there scaming. but i wish there was somthing we could do to the ones we have.
tickle it


Further actions have been taking to ban this individual.
It would appear the chat has separate settings from the forum.
Sorry about that. This user should no longer be a problem.
If you do find issues with scammers or people abusing our board please send me a private message regarding it (as some people did). It allows us to act quicker in resolving the issue.
Thanks for your help guys. We will keep this board a clean and welcoming place.