Some small bemusement


I share this out of a sense of frustration, and also confusion:

I have to be at work in not very many hours time, and although I’d love to be asleep, a women living in my apartment building is having a blazing row with someone over the phone. Or at least I assume over the phone because I can only hear her. And boy can I hear her. We all have frustrations with people from time to time, but there seem to be some flaws in her approach.

Firstly she is so loud and vehement in her phrasing, that it is unclear what is being said. Although technically I can hear everything she is saying, the sheer effort she is unleashing to yell into her cell phone is creating a strange squawking quality meaning that what she is saying is essentially unintelligible. What I can tell is that Janet Jackson is very important. She’s mentioned her several times. I hope she means the singer.

Secondly, when yelling this loudly into a cell phone, surely the other person would just turn the volume down, thus negating the emphasis provided by the increased decibel level she’s providing.

Turns out though she’s very angry :frowning: which makes me sad for her, but also very awake.


hmmm :-\