Some random question that popped up after ordering

After all of my “which…?” posts, I finally set up my Cart and ordered .
I got an aqua blasted shutter, stringlab type x, flowable silicon, sticker pack(with bearing).
Also big shoutout to Studio42 for his awesome responses and recommendations!
Now for some questions:
Where can I get cheap fluid to clean my bearings with? I just want to clean a bearing or two and don’t want a huge container of it :wink:

What string is the overall best in price + long lasting? I have pretty low string standards, and will use strings even though they aren’t particularly in the best shape :stuck_out_tongue: although ibwould like a little slack and suicide ability in the string for awhile

Thanks. I try to help. Let’s answer questions:

Unfortunately, to clean bearings, unless you can find smaller containers, the $8-10 cans of acetone(I prefer 100% pure acetone) is the way to go. Mineral spirits work too. I haven’t used lighter fluid, but you can get that in smaller containers. I clean bearings a lot, as I have LOTS of yoyos and lots of bearings. I’m always buying yoyos and bearings, and new bearings get cleaned too. I go through probably more than average in regards to acetone. It may be tempting, but don’t use nail polish remover.

If you were near me, I’d just clean the bearings for you so you didn’t even have to eat any costs on that process.

Well, I’m spending a bit on strings too. YYE bulk string and Kitty string is great stuff, it’s affordable, but it wears rather fast. Honestly though, before I tell you what I use, it’s best for you to buy small packs of many kinds of string to see what you like. When you figure that out, then buy a large amount of it.

Now, what do I like? YYSL Type X and Twisted Stringz Trixta. I typically pay $40/100 strings, and I’ve bought 1 of Trixtra and 2 of Type X this year($120 on strings). I find it lasts a long time, maintains performance and is well worth the costs. Keep in mind it’s a thicker than average string and I like how it performs for 1A 5A and 4A. If you have low-standards(because you’re new), these are still great strings. My standards are also rather low, but I’m finding differences in string types. I do know I got a free pack of Type X and instantly noticed a different feel and play that I liked a lot. At another event, I got a Trixtra put on my Anglam and wow, made awesome even more awesome.

I also got some JackRabbit string at Nationals. It’s got this interesting “braking” feature that I like. No “thunk” when the string rapidly stretches and stops, it slowly stretches. It swings really nice and also has a nice balance of strength, bounce and stiffness. That’s some good stuff. $3 for 10 strings I think. It was $1.50/pack, and I hate odd numbers so I went ahead and got 2 packs. This is also some stuff I’d definitely check into.

I’m getting a gold blasted Shutter as I already have a regular Aqua one. The issue is “do I get it here, another online shop or from a local retailer”. It’s a matter of price and availability, and the local store gives me 25% off, so it’s hard to beat those kind of deals!

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Would u happen to be in Fremont, CA? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, can u buy jackrabbit string online?? It sounds awesome!!

I’m in the Sacramento area. Probably too far to want to drive up. I am planning to attend a YoLex meet on Sunday in Roseville. I can always bring my “cleaning and treating kit” with me.

If you can make it, or to my skill toy event on the 17th, it might give you a good chance to get your hands on stuff you’d otherwise not have access to, but also let you make buying decisions.

I forget the name of the guy who makes the JackRabbit strings, but he’s on the forums. Yeah, it’s good stuff.

Jackrabbits are great! I want to try his Annhilators, too. The user is modman10.

What’s the cheapest method of cleaning bearings? Nail polish remover?

For hardly any money, mineral spirits or 100% acetone. Nail polish remover claims to be acetone but it is not-- there are conditioners and junk in there that you don’t want in your bearings.

Frank Difeo recommends Simple Green… I wouldn’t use “only” Simple Green, though-- seems like it would leave a film. Not sure what Frank does after cleaning. Rinsing with water would work if you had the ability to blow out the excess water. Air compressor for example.

Do you have a compressor model to recommend?

I’m sick of the cans of compressed air, so I’m looking for something more “renewable”. I don’t want to spend too much because it’s mainly this application that I need/want it for.


I wish I had a recommendation. I use my dad’s when I take the family out for a visit every other weekend. Bring a bit of acetone, a chopstick, and my V4M. :wink:

You could use pretty much anything. They’re loud is the only problem. But the pressure generated by any crappy hobbyist compressor will still be up to the task.

well think of it this way, you can maintain the tyre pressure on your car as well to help you save money on fuel :wink:

I have a “Project Air” compressor and it’s been great, but I don’t know what you’d expect to find on your side of the world, best bet it to go to a hardware/ tool store that carries that sort of thing and ask there, maybe even look at getting one of the smaller ones you can put in the car and you can take it to a friends place if they have a flat (and before you say that’s silly it’s the only problem I’ve had with mine :stuck_out_tongue: ). You can get lot’s of other cool tools for them as well to help justify the cost, as Air tools can be orders of magnitude cheaper than power tools.

I’ve also seen the use of jewelry cleaners to clean bearings as well

For cleaning, i just use mineral spirits. I’ve never used acetone. As for strings, my favorite are JAMS strings, but I havent been able to find them. I have some Jackrabbits, which seem to last long enough and I like them a lot. Kitty strings are inexpensive, but wear out pretty quickly.