I'm sure you guys can help again

OK I have ordered a DMII and an 888x now I think im gonna need some better string all I have are the YYF FAST strings. What do you recommend? I know there are a lot of different types and I know some you even make your own so any insight would be great.

Also bearings I may also be looking to purchase new bearings and for them I have a couple of questions.

  1. What works best Terrapin, Centre Trac, KK
  2. Do ceramic bearings really make much of a difference on spin time
  3. Will changing the bearings for one of these make tricks any easier

thanks for your help so far guys

1.) Any bearing that fits on your bearing seat.
2.) Nope. Ever.
3.) Nope, not really. The stock bearings are very amazing and there’s really no reason to buy another one.

You can ask questions ANYTIME you want. We’re here to help you. :slight_smile:

polyester strings are great best all rond string ever.

Thanks for the advice. I did forget to mention I play mainly 1A.

I don’t know much for the string,but the Ceramic Hybrid May make It spin longer,and I prefer using Terrapin rather than KonKave or CenterTrac.Also,some think that using string centering bearings make you a lazy thrower,but once you get used to any of these,you’ll need some time to get used to other bearings when you switch them.