Some of the growing collection...

Totally stole this idea from Jason Wong, but imitation is the sincerest for of flattery and all that junk. Thinking of dyeing the foam charcoal, but kinda dig the sea green for now. Front loading for easy access and changing things up every once in a while. Let me know what you think!

looks pretty sweet man!

That looks awesome. Where did you get the foam? Did you have to cut the holes?


Got the foam from Joann Fabric, but most hobby shops should have it. also sells some in larger quantities. I did cut the holes, used an empty can of tomato paste. Worked pretty well, but some of the holes are a bit too big for smaller diameter throws.

do they slip out/easy to fall out?

They can be pulled out easily with a little bit of force, but no they don’t fall out on their own. They feel secure. For some of the smaller throws, like the Battosais, I added a little bit of foam to the hole.

thats a handsome assortment of vsnyycs

Yeah that TiWalker…

with a SADR on its way… :wink:

I don’t even miss my left kidney.

Phwoar! That’s a gorgeous collection right there! :o

Really loving the way you’ve got that set up, It looks fantastic. I’ve been meaning to look into something similar myself actually.

Can I ask where you procured those snazzy front-opening frames from, or if they have a specific name?


That’s an awesome collection and an awesome way to display it while also being able to access them easily. Is there a tutorial for how you made the cases?

Thanks! I like it a lot and classes up the joint, IMO.

I got them from Michael’s which is a hobby/fabric store here. The brand is Studio Decor, but I know other brands make similar products. What you’re looking for is a “front-loading shadow box”. There are plenty that open from the back, but that’s useless unless just using for showcasing only.


Here’s a great (and funny) one:

Basically you (1) cut the foam to size (leave a little extra on each side for a snug fit), (2) measure out each hole, (3) cut the holes using a tin can/cookie cutter, whatever. And that’s pretty much it. I’ve done this method several times now, for a handful of cases and now these displays, and it can be tedious at first, but you get the hang of it after some trial and error. If you mainly have throws that have a sub ~53 diameter, you may want to find something that hugs a little tighter than the tomato paste can. Star-shaped cookie cutters do well, I think.

Lol. You only really need one.