Some moves I'm working on.



Here is a compilation of some tricks I have learned during my first 2 months of throwing.


I have been practicing follows and gt suicides today. I wanted to get a combo recorded with both tricks included. Hopefully over the next week or so I will be able to do multiple consecutive follows.


I think I will just update this thread whenever i come up with something interesting or that Im proud of.

I made this little combo today. Its just a few simple tricks, but all done while in a GT. I went through a few strings trying to get this one on tape. lol.


I finally figured out how to consistently land Brent Stoles last night! Very stoked.

I saw Jason Lee do a “Ping Pong” move in a video about a week ago. I had no clue what it was… all I knew is that it looked awesome. G Squared released a Tower to Ping Pong tutorial today, so I immediately got to practicing.


I have been practicing Follow today. Im still fairly inconsistent, but Im able to land more than 1 now.


Here are some tricks and combos I have been working on over the past few days.


I still can’t believe that this is two months progress…

You’re amazing!


Yeah, I know… You’re way better than me and I’ve been yoyoing for almost a year and a half.

If you keep with it, I bet you will be winning contests one day.


Dude, there is no way some one as good as you could possibly only be two months into throwing! Brilliant stuff!



Probably me , 2 and a half months but at least with a better equip yoyo that imma be getting next weeks thanks to a very special person :wink:


Wow… Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys.

I found that one of the most important things to learn is how to fine tune string tension. Having a high quality string with absolutely zero tension makes learning these types of tricks exceptionally easier.


Bump Bump It Up!


New videos added.


Holy moly cow.

He just landed a double brent stole with two months progress.

You sir, are an inspiration.


Dude your amazing, but just wait, I may be able to compete with that two months of progress, I’m two weeks into yoyoing and I already can land a boing-e-boing as well as all the tricks before it, so I’m catching up… kind of haha. Keep it up man!


Boingy Boing at 2 weeks is insane bro. It took me way longer than that.


James, your enthusiasm and videos make me happy. I’ve been at it a little more than two months an nowhere near that… but to me it’s not really the speed of your progress. I mean, that’s impressive enough. But it’s your obvious love of throwing combined with love of learning and improving.

Keep it up!


Man if only i wasn’t so busy with school i would have been as great as you were , true story .
But nonetheless , is amazed that you could nailed so many tricks in two months , guess you have alots of free time on your hands :slight_smile:


New video up.
My follows are getting fairly decent.


Oh, please.

You and I are evenly matched and I’ve been throwing for a year!


You my friend just inspired me i have only been yoyoing for only a month now bout to get another yoyo and more strings so i can learn i ran out of strings haha.


New video added