Some Magic Yoyo questions

  • Are “C”-size bearings standard in all Magic Yoyos? If not, which ones are the exceptions?

  • What bearing comes in the M001 and M002, an 8 or a 10 ball bearing?

  • Are all the response pad grooves in Magic Yoyos deep enough to accept flowable silicone?

I’ve only seen c bearings, but I do not have an M001 orM002. I would still feel confident with myself that they are C bearings. If the specs say 6x12x4 (ish) thats a c bearing.

I am also sure you could apply flowable to most magic yoyos. the grooves are similar to YYF yoyos and most people I know with a T5 put flowable in it.

Not sure on the 8 ball 10 ball question.


Every normal unresponsive has C size bearings, and I think 10 ball.