Some Do's and Don'ts of yoyoing (For all to read!)

Well here we go!

I have wanted to do a list like this for a while, but never got around to it.

This list shows some things you should do in yoyoing, and some things you shouldn’t.

The list covers many different thing, from message board rules, yoyo sales, tricks, style, etc.

So lets begin!

Do: Do make informative, helpful post on the yoyo forums, treat each other with respect.
Just like the bible verse says: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Its a basic rule that will keep our forum nice, clean, and helpful!
Someone comes in and asks: I am new, what should be a good yoyo for me as a beginner?
A good reply: Hi! Welcome to our forum! Some good choices would be (blank and blank and blank) because of (blank and blank and blank). What tricks can you do so far?
What yoyo have you been using before you joined this forum?

Thats is a good way to answer a question, its helpful, makes the newcomer feel welcomed, and makes you feel like you actually helped someone! :slight_smile:

Now onto the dont of this category…

Don’t: Don’t make useless post or spam.
People really don’t like this, and it makes you get a bad reputation even if you change.
And try to use good grammar please, we go to school don’t we?
Example of a bad useless post:


Useless spam right there.

Another example of a very unhelpful post:
Newcomer: Hi guys! Im new here, what is a good yoyo for a beginner like me?

I know some of you feel that you should recommend the search function but if you do, answer the posters question, and then let them know about the search in a polite and respectful way.


Do: If someone has an opinion on something that differs from your own, respectfully disagree and move on.
We all have our own opinions and preferences and more than often will you run into someone who disagrees with your views.
Don’t get mad about it!

Don’t: Start a flame war over a silly thing like: 888 IS BETTER THAN SKYLINE WWWOOOOAAAHHH!!
Trying to start a fight wont get anyone anywhere, it will just clutter the forums with random flaming, threats, and anger.
Keep the forum happy!

Ok! we covered that part, now lets move on.

Buy/Sell/Trade do’s and don’ts.

Do: Post good informative info about the yoyo you are trying to sell or trade.
Post good photos of the yoyo if you can, describe the condition well, use the 1-5 system I have made here:,2288.0.html

Don’t: Don’t go and say your yoyo is great and super mint condition when it really has some dings or dents, this will give you a bad rep as a seller and trader, and selling and trading your yoyos wont be so easy anymore.
Don’t take blurry and hard to see photos. If your camera cant take good photos, then don’t bother taking a photo at all.
Its just common courtesy! :slight_smile:


Sending out yoyos in the mail:

Do: Package your yoyo well.
If sending in a box, fill the box with packing peanuts,foam,air bags, or paper, anything to keep the yoyo safe and unharmed.
Seal it up in packing tape, make sure all addresses are clear, and take to post office.

If sending in a bubble mailer, Take the yoyo apart and remove the bearings and axle if you can, if not, cover the axle and bearing in a few layers of folded paper then tape it all.
On the other half, cover the yoyo in a layer of paper, and tape.
Put both halves in the bubble mailer.
If you were able to get the bearing and axle out, slip them into a small plastic bag to keep them safe.
Seal up the envelope in packing tape, make sure all addresses are clear and aligned, and take it to the post office to send the yoyo in your preffered way.

Don’t: Do not just toss the yoyo into a box or bubble mailer and tape it with scotch tape.
This is a bad way to send yoyos cause they can bump around and become dinged, or bent.
Don’t just scribble the address on the box or mailer in bad hand writing, a package can get lost this way.
Never combine yoyos in a package without using some sort of protection for the yoyos.

Now lets cover tricks:

Do: Check out yoyo videos often to get inspiration for new tricks.
Its a good way to push yourself as a yoyoer to become better and better.

Don’t: Do not copy some yoyoers tricks exactly.
Some people do not like this and it can cause people to not want to check out your new vid cause they will expect “another Ando combo” or “that Mickey trick”. Leave those tricks to the creator if possible.

Contest and performance time!

Do: Plan a freestyle in advanced, with all your music ready to go.
Have original tricks, and don’t just focus on you and your tricks, you are performing remember? Smile at the audience, put on a good show, the crowd will like it and so will the judges.

Don’t: Don’t show up at a contest with no music or freestyle in hopes that a friend will let you use your music and that you will pick up tricks at the contest. BAD IDEA!
Don’t just stand on stage looking bored as you yoyo.
Do not copy other peoples tricks as they are not scored as high as original tricks.


Do: Look at reviews on yoyos to decide what yoyo is best for your next purchase.
Try it if you can before you buy it.
I have liked many yoyos that weren’t really favorites in the yoyo world.
Ration your money, have what you want in mind and only focus on getting what you want.

Don’t: Randomly buy yoyos cause they look cool or anything like that.
Bad idea, you will most likely be upset with the yoyo you buy if you do this.
Do not go on a major yoyo shopping spree! Yes there are so many nice yoyos, but you have to ask yourself: Do I really NEED this yoyo?


Do: Make a nice yoyo clip video.
Use good lighting and a good background.
Wear a dark color shirt so the yoyo string stands out.
Adjust your string tension after each trick.
Your computer comes with a good video editing tool that is free!
Windows users, you got Windows Movie Maker!
Mac users, you got Imovie!
Both great, easy to learn and use video editing software.
Use music that fits well with your yoyoing and video.

Don’t: Do not just kerblash (Word?) a bunch of random tricks together to make a vid.
NEVER wear a white shirt in a yoyo vid. The string will not show up!
Don’t just stand in your room and yoyo for your video, go outdoors! Go around to different places! Take multiple angles!
Actually take some time to edit your vid, not one of these “20 minutes to edit” mash-ups!
Don’t use music with bad lyrics. There are many videos I will just turn off due to its bad language.
Yeah you can throw the “Turn down the volume” card but really, what’s a yoyo video without music?


Do: Use a good camera!
There are many pretty good camcorders out there for around 100 bucks that record in very good quality.
And before you go complaining about spending 100 bucks, you just bought that new 120 dollar superstar or BVM! Don’t tell me that!

Don’t: If you have a very cheap and not good quality video camera, don’t make a yoyo video yet.
People hate it when they try to watch a new yoyo vid and they cant even see whats going on due to a camera’s blurry view and 5 frames per second.
Some picture digital cameras actually have ok video capture capabilities so check out your video on your own and see if it can work!


Do: Try to organize a yoyo club in your town! Meeting up with yoyoers is fun! And you can create many friends through yoyoing. Ask around, yoyo around town to get some people interested, maybe ask your school if you can start a yoyo club!

Don’t: Don’t just yoyo alone all the time, yoyoing in your dark room for the rest of your yoyo life can get boring and depressing. Even with forums it can get quite sad.
Please try to get out and meet with others as much as you can.

Do: Yes we all love YYE and other forums, but get out from behind that computer sometimes! Its addicting and the last thing you want is to be a computer addict.
Get out and yoyo!, take a walk, go fly a sport kite! Go Eat a cheeseburger! (please dont)
Come back to the forums but dont make it your whole life!

Don’t: Lurk behind the computer screen.
You got your whole life in front of you and by being on the internet all the time, its going by you faster than you know!
Did you know that they have found that being on the computer to long can cause depression?
Its true, now who wants that?
I like being happy.

Get up and yoyo!


I will be adding more to the list soon, but this is it for now.

Follow it, and you will have a nice yoyo life here on the forums, and abroad.

Hmmm… I think I will go for a walk now and yoyo.







Niiice. Everybody, not only newcomers, need to read this.

great post! :wink: all new commers and those who have been here longer bolth should read this. verry good guide. (i like the part of no spam, no bad language, no being angry) (great post jayyo!) :o

Quality Post!

Very good for new and old members to read and bring back the rules.

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That’s not a Nice, great, quality, or INCREDIBLE post. This post is something that doesn’t happen often and it was vary well planed out. It must have took Jay about 45 minutes or so to post it. This post only needs one word(and a sticky if you don’t mind). And that word is “Perfection”. This is the best post I have seen on YYE. And I think everyone can learn from it. As I said “Perfect”. Later.

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Dude, this posts sucks. Seriously, use the search button. Our forum is full of this. Just get off of this forum.

Reads the donts

Josh, this is an amazing post! You rule! All of your posts are great, informative, and helpful. This is some quality work you got here. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys!

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I order my yos online, so everytime I buy 1…I buy 6. Saves on shipping.

/goes on yoyo shopping sprees! ;D

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