Some custom Capsule/Pill type Kendama's.


Here’s some Capsule/Pill type Kendama’s I made on the lathe. Spectra Ply wood in different colors with acrylic spikes in glitter swirls and ‘illusion’ sealed with Armor Seal. The darker one has a real buffalo horn string cap. They play great and make a nice ‘clack’ sound being a dense wood.

These spikes have shimmers and silver thread looking lines.

This one has a buffalo horn cap.


These are beautiful! I may have to get one :smiley:





(SlimJoe) #5



Any chance you’ll be selling some? :slight_smile:


Sho nuff.  This is my BST.  :wink:,69028.0.html


Those are so dope!


WOW! Love these! The top one looks like it’s made from recycled skateboards, haha :smiley:
I make fingerboard decks from wooden veneer and it reminds me a lot of them too…
I gotta get me one


These are beautiful! How much?


so want one of these or two or three haha. price??


Hello how may I buy some of these and how much I would like to buy some.


Old host evidently dropped the pictures but here they are again for those interested.

FYI, I’m not making them presently as my lathe and equipment are in storage. I just put the pictures back up for some people to see. :wink: