Some advice.


Want to be a faster yoyo player? Use a heavier yoyo for a decently long period of time, try to go fast on it, and when that time period is over, switch back to your comfort zone. You should notice the increase of acceleration.

Want to have more flow or have your tricks be smooth? Use a responsive, i.e. a FHZ or a Classic for a few weeks, and practice your tricks on it until you have them down at a pace you would like them to be. Like the speed, go back to your comfort zone and see the increase.

Like to hit your tricks more precise and accurate? Here’s the simplest answer: Practice it 100 times :slight_smile: Sounds crazy, but it’s sort of this concept: “You are a master if you can do 1 thing 100 times, not 100 things 1 time.”

Have any other tips? Just reply and I will try to keep up and answer them. I hope this helps ;D


Number 3… Yes. So much yes.


Those are really smart.

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Colin is not only good at yoyoing, but he is also good at words :o

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He is right.


Also, a rule that applies to all 3…shorten your string! Thanks to Eric Tranton for reminding me.

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Thank you so much for the tips! These r really smart. Im seriously annoyed with myself- im out of town for a while and of course i dnt bring a responsive yoyo. -_- :stuck_out_tongue:


Go into a gt and drop the knot!

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Srry im a rookie. What do u mean by this?


The rule that applies to all of them is the practice :slight_smile:


He means do the green triangle trick, and instead of hopping out of it drop it into the knot that it will make when dropped. This will add some extra wraps of string around the bearing, allowing the yoyo to play more responsive.


Or, you can quintuple loop the string around the axle. Quintuple isn’t the right word for this though…


Wait- yes it is.

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Hehe i feel really silly asking this but what is the green triangle trick?


This, as simple as it is, is one of the most informative posts I’ve seen in a while on overall throwing +1 thanks :slight_smile:


Here is a tutorial for you, it also explains it:

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Thank you so much. This has really helped me. :slight_smile: