SOLD!!! Please close.

[s]I am in need of some cash at the moment so I decided to put some of my collection up for sale. Prices are negotiable and include shipping to the US.


Here’s what I’m looking for:

Frank’s Slide Bear vs Man
Spacebat M1

Here’s what’s for sale:

YoYoNation Edition Pyro #22 (Original Packaging, Great condition) [b]$60[b]


pics please

pics up. All pictured except the pyro which i should be getting soon.

added wasabi and cream

I want the wasabi

i pm’d you.

i have the pyro now.

i wish i had i pyro but i dont do trades

Would it be possible to get just a couple more pics of the Pyro, and maybe a detailed description of it’s condition? For $60, I’m not sure I can say no to it!

Let me know soon!

I can’t get any more pics at the moment because i’m at college and my pyro is at home. i can get picks on the weekend but it’ll be gone by then because someone offered to pay me on sunday for it if nobody else pays before then. Anyway, the pyro is in absolutely perfect condition except for one extremely tiny millimeter sized scratch that doesn’t even go through the ano. I have tried to get the scratch in the picture but it is just too small to get a picture of.

Thats a sexy collectors item.