Lots FS, Bat, 08 888, Pyro, Pacquiao - Offer up!


It is time to sell off some of my collection! Number one priority is cash, but I would consider trades for collectible yoyos (tiWalker comes to mind). Prices are OBO and I can send detailed pictures/descriptions if you are interested.

I package all my yoyos in custom-made boxes (no envelopes) and protect them with peanuts/bubble wrap, etc. I ship USPS with delivery confirmation. I have great feedback!

Northern Spin Helix (black, mint - $150)

Eetsit (angel-dusted, ended - $150), White Knight Battosai ($70)

Madhouse Epic (a few scuffs - $85), Hectic (a few dings - $30), 08 888 (satined rims - $50)

RecRev Sharp ($50), Kentaro Superstar (no stacks - $100), Mighty Flea v2 ($50 - PENDING), Frantic ($45), Crucial Delicious (one scuff - $75)

M1 (a few dings/scuffs - $40), y-factor ($65 - PENDING), CODE1 ($90), E1NS (a few small scuffs - $65), Noctu ($75)

y-factor (raw - $65), Jason Wong ano-ed Torrent 2 ($125), Pacquiao ($70)

Pyro (a few scuffs, minor dings - $70), Campfire ($70)

54 (raw - $75)

Please PM with any interest in the above throws…

Other bags that I have done are below. PM me if you might be interested – I can do custom painting to suit your needs.

Bag 1:

Bag 2:

Bag 3:
I call it the rainbow splash bag (kudos to Jason Wong’s skittles designs as my inspiration)! :slight_smile:


$5 for USPS shipping with delivery confirmation


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Sent you a message!


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do you still have the purple and yellow splash code 1? will u do a trade and cash? or cash only?


Selling some yoyos!




Accepting offers…

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