Sold please close

Mib Shaqshine FG blue
170.00 shipped


Bump includes priority shipping

Bump to sell

Shaqshine dropped to 180.00 shipped

Will ship priority with some extra strings and stickers

Price drop 170.00 shipped

That is easily one of the Best deals I have Ever seen in 24 years.

The FG is easily one of the best designed yo-yos ever made.

Regardless of considering: mono, bi-metal, tri-metal, Titanium/Tiss, magic mushrooms, whatever…

If I didn’t already have 3 of them, and the Ti FG, I would land on that like a heat seeking missile.

The Ti FG is almost a spittin image of the regular Bi-metal FG, and plays Great. But I actually prefer the Bi-metal even more.

I seldom try to encourage others to jump on a BST.

But, if anybody checking out the bst’s, looking for a bi-metal or any yo-yo in that price range. You cannot get a better yo-yo.

Sounds like I like it, doesn’t it?


Thank you Doc


Sold please close

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