Shaqshine Fg and shaqshine bros

can anyone share how they play? If possible, how do they compare each other in play regardless of the price? Thanks!

I have both and they don’t really compare head to head with one being an AL/SS bimetal and the other a Ti. FG is a super smooth, agile, stable bimetal. It plays a lot better than higher priced bimetal in my collection.
Bros is an absolute piece of art… Ti is known for having “Ti vibe” and the Bros does not have this (at least mine doesn’t) which says an lot. It is stable and powerful.


Which one do you think is more stable, fast, powerful etc?

Stability: Equal
Fast: FG
Power: Bros

I’ve previously owned a shaqshine FG and that thing is both a masterpiece and a powerhouse. It is light and fast (although not the floatiest) but also able to hit every single trick you throw at it. I didn’t remember missing any of my tricks on it. Although if you hit it on the floor to many times, the bimetal rims tend to come off. It is also perfect for zontal type tricks. thinking back, I kind of regretted trading it. It is worth every penny if your looking for that new competition bimetal. Although if your more of a collector, I would maybe say hold off until a discount or just save for Shaqshine Bros and purchase the FG later. The FG really is geared towards competition standards.


What’s a Ti vibe? I don’t notice any “Ti vibe” from my TP and sOMEThING Ti yoyos.

Fingernail vibe is common on titanium yoyos. Doesn’t mean every Ti has vibe, but it’s common enough that it’s coined Ti Vibe.

Thanks a lot!

do you also own a bros?