SOLD:OD Nickel Cascade LF: Wooly MarkMont, Dreadnought

I’m new to the the YYE forum but have been a member since 2007 on the forum that belongs to the shop that went out of business. I have 57 positive feedback there under the same username. You can contact me over there to prove it’s me.

#1. Anti-Yo Viszilla. I got this just before the other store went out of business. It has one small scuff on the dark half, and no other marks. Comes with the DocPop denim pouch. $105 $90 $80 shipped

#2. one drop nickel Cascade. I got this right when it came out and have only used it a handful of times. It’s a little too light/floaty for my taste so it’s just been sitting in my case. It is mint as the day I got it, except for a few nickel plating marks in the hub area. $85 $80 $70 $60 shippedSOLD

I only take PayPal and the only trades I’m interested right now are:

  • Wooly Markmont
  • Dreadnought

Shipping to the US and Canada only for now

Price drops and looking for cash offers

I would trade both for a mint silver Dreadnought or Wooly Markmont

Price drop bump

I would trade both for a mint silver Dreadnought or Wooly Markmont

Viszilla sold and shipped. Still wanting a Wooly Markmont. I can trade the Cascade plus some cash for one

Bump, I would also be interested in some RecRev delrin throws

Bump, interested in other delrin throws too

Interested in offers, there’s another yoyo on the bst I would like to buy

Price drop bump. This is just sitting in the box and collecting dust, I rather this go to someone that will use it

Bump, open to cash offers

oops. free bump.