Soda Cleanse Bearings!


I have just created a new substance that I used to clean a dead bearing…Now it plays faster then any bearing I own and does not snag! I may start doing jobs for SCB if there’s an interest. The first few would be free minus shipping costs. But if I start regular commission I would be looking around $5 + shipping both ways (costly material) This will revive dead bearings!!! And boost bearing speeds!

EDIT: I will treat multiple bearings for MUCH less. It’s not in my best interest to treat one bearing at a time. The price will be negotiated in a PM.


Are there any problems in the long run, like will my bearing suddenly die in a few months?


I’m not sure about serious long-term. I’ve just treated the bearing today and I’ve played with it for a couple hours, I will leave continous updates as time goes on.


Note: The bearings are NOT cleansed with soda! Do not drown your bearings in soda after reading this post…

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Ahhh Man! sigh Now you tell me. sheesh ;).


My cousin was reaching for a bottle of soda before I told him I didn’t actually use soda…


Could you explain how this process works and differs from using just mineral spirits to clean a bearing? I’m not sure I completely understand, it would make a dead, locked-up bearing work again?


I start off by regularly cleaning the bearing, then add my own mix of substances (which are dangerous and will not be listed). Spin the bearing to get an even coverage, then re-soak in mineral spirits while swirling it for about 20 seconds, flick clean, blow with compressed air and add a microscopic drop of V4M lube. I did this as an experiment at first and it happened to revive my bearing and give it a boost of speed.


Oh ok, so basically you just add your own super secret mixture to cleanse the bearing. Cool!


And it’s that compound that unlocks the bearing. I’ll be having a few people do tester reviews to see how they compare to other bearings. I’ll be cleaning an 8-ball and 10-ball tomorrow.


I cant wait to receive this bearing to try it and compare to other bearings I have! Money was mailed tonight


Can’t wait to have you try it! ;D


Day one complete. Bearing seems to still have the same speedy feel it had before. Noticed a slightly higher tone in the bearing then usual, still relatively quiet. 2-Day review, Consistancy review, and 10-ball review tomorrow!


I’m gonna enjoy following this thread. :slight_smile:


Due to humid weather I’m cutting today short! First bearing still has that “just-broken-in” feel. The treatment has stayed consistant with another 8-ball. The 10-ball however felt really smooth on the string effortlessly gliding across layers of string at near Mickey speeds. I’ve noticed that these bearings break in really fast and retain the same feel. Look out for tomorrows update! ;D


Sending a batch of C’s and A’s once I get information. We shall see if they can bring dead-ish and underperforming bearinsg to “world class” levels.


Haha I used “Mickey speeds” as a reference, I’m sure I cant reach his speeds quite yet, but I do believe SCBearings could handle such speeds. I’m gonna try to work on my hopeless gold-plated bearing with your batch.


I got distracted as I got a Leviathan 2 in the mail. But for the short time I’ve played the SCBearings today they yielded consistant results. I’ve had no reason or want to re-clean or re-lube so far.


Early morning update! Bearings are still holding up. ;D


Bearing reviews shortly!