Electrical Contact cleaner = Smoothest bearing ever

At work I came across some electrical contact cleaner. I needed to clean some contacts for a ice machine. I had never used this stuff before. I worked very well at removing corrosion that was on the old contact. And it dried fast and no residue.

…I thought to my self “I wonder if this will clean my bearing. I like a clean dry bearing. I have more at home. What the heck, why not?” I open my throw, sprayed it down, gave it a few spins and it was dry (this stuff drys really really fast) I put it all back together and gave it a toss.

I was Amazed. Smoother than i have ever felt it.

As soon as I got off work i went to lowes, bought a can of my own and cleaned every bearing i had in all my throws and got the same results with them all, mostly 10 balls but a few yyf spec. They all played far beyond my expectations. Tons of momentum made grinds glide and binds snappy, ss well as add a pretty fair amount stability.

I highly recommend this stuff to get your bearings super clean, super dry, super fast. No residue.

After using this, I feel like my yoyo skills have been dipped in butter.


Looks like sweet stuff. Question: how does an improved bearing have an effect on grinds?

can you tell us where we can get some

I don’t really know, i think its the increase in momentum. But the proof is in the pudding.

@matrixyoyoer I got mine at lowes, I’m sure any home improvement store will have some.

Wait, how long have you been playing like this? I don’t want to clean my bearings in this stuff to find them all locked up a week later.

my main throw has about 20 hrs of play on it, after the cleaning, and still glides. I can update as more time goes on.

please remember that this is a dangerous chemical and should not be taken lightly. Please have adult supervision when using.


I think you should take that a step further:

The other chemicals we commonly recommend for bearing cleaning(mineral spirits, lighter fluid) come with other potential hazards and likewise, should not be used without adult supervision.


Most of these things are simply alcohol and compressed air - but others come with a lubricant in them for sensitive parts. Can you be more specific about the type you used? Was it just a cleaner? Or did it have something else? …brand?

This is what i used.


How did the bearings turn out after a little bit of play, and did you have to deshield them before the contact cleaner? This sounds like something I am going to have to try.

So Far so good, very smooth and very quiet. With heavy daily play, especially today. :slight_smile:

My Main throw has a shielded 10 ball, and my secondary has a de-shielded 10 ball. They both seemed to get SUPER clean, This stuff is so thin it penetrates at the races really well, and drys super fast. So you can get away with not removing the shields. …unless of course you prefer it, or their is a rather large piece of debris that just wont escape otherwise.

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do you dumb it on the little balls iside the bearing or how did you do it…whats the process…or could you ,ake a vid? I just dont wanna screw up my throw!

It,s actully quite simple, this stuff comes in a spay and the can pressure is pretty high. I just put the bearing on an allan key (a pencil will work well too) sprayed the bearing like crazy, till it was dripping. Gave it afew spins. Then put it back in the throw. I can try to post a vid but give me a few days, I work weekends and have some visiting to do this weekend.

don’t worry about a vid…I get it now…I am gonna try this!

Thanks im going to try this

Next time I have 8 bucks, I’m so trying this.

I didn’t use the exact same chemical, but I did melt the bottom of the cup with it. My chemical made it smooth, but it slowed it down.

Everyone keep in mind mind when using aerosol cans- wear glasses, that stuff burns like crazy when it gets in ur eyes and if not flushed quickly WILL make you blind in that eye. I speak from experience. No I’m not blind thankfully because of an emergency eye wash station.

Ok this stuff sounds amazing but I have a Q. why hace I not heard anything about WD40? will it not work?