So, who got their skywalkers from YoyoE?


I usually don’t make threads like these but I am interested to know who got their skywalkers, I got mine today and I will post pictures soon. This yoyo is just as amazing as the hype suggests, I am very glad that I got one. Please post pictures of your skywalker as well…as well as any Vs. Newton yoyos that you have, please share them all.

Ok, here they are.


I’ll give you 5 cents for that! ;D


WOW, such a generous offer…but I will have to decline, hehe.


1st run custom “CP3”


I got mine too!


nice!!! how do they play? any reviews?


There are sparce reviews for the skywalker so I will make one after a week of putting it though the paces.


yeah i don’t got one… Lol. I got to throw one yesterday though and it was a blast!! They certainly live up to the hype. I guess i’ll just have to trade you for yours when you come over, hehehe.