I was thinking about this for a little bit now. Just a heads up, this is a very mathematical way of looking at mounts, so bear with me. AHEM

So I was thinking mounts can be classified into groups. The mounts into one group are able to transition easily into one another. For example, one group contains the trapeze, 1.5, double or nothing, etc. These can all transition from one another.

Another group would be the backspin or bind mount and the brother mount. A third group (at least in my opinion) is the mounts like the wrist mount and green triangle.

Thoughts? I thought this may help beginners a little bit. Is this going somewhere, or am I just going bonkers…


You’re bonkers. Congratulations! ;D

but seriously, how exactly would categorizing ten or so mounts would help to learn them?


Find yourself a copy of The Yonomicon by Mark McBride.


Good for you. You cursed me with obsessing over different mounts. I hate you. (Not really). Anyway,here’s my thoughts:

They’re are two basic types of mounts. Clean, and dirty. Or, simple and complex. Or, straight and bent. I don’t know, call them what you want. I’m going with clean and dirty. Okay, anyway. Clean mounts are nice and simple. Trapeze, bro, under, Houdini, double or nothing, split bottom, lindy, ladder, whatever. You can stop whenever you want without getting a knot. Dirty mounts cause knots when you drop them. Bucket, GT’s, Wrist… All dirty. Dirty mounts are caused by twists, landing things around your wrist, and landing in the middle of things- although none of those always cause dirtiness.

Right. Another classification is smooth or wrinkled. Smooth mounts can be done without the yoyo reversing direction. Wrinkled need a direction change. Trapeze- smooth. Bro- wrinkled. Wrist- smooth. Under- Wrinkled. Now, while the concept of these is fairly easy to understand, my definition isn’t. So, here’s a definition that is much more accurate, although its heavily fixed axle enthused. ‘Smooth mounts are any stalled mount that can be consistently landed with side style spin. Wrinkled stalls need front style spin.’ There. Now give me thank you’s.


Lol, when did this happen?
And that’s basically what I was thinking.