So I think I invented a trick

it doesnt goto a trick video or anything. and not to bum you out, but there are 1000’s of tricks. you are obviously pretty new, so dont get your hopes up too high about inventing something.

please try re posting the link

I know there are a lot of tricks hut I have never seen anybody do that trick. Also I’m posting this from my iPod so you’ll just have to copy/paste it into your URL.

i tried, it doesnt goto a video

Try this one:

As long as you thought of the succession of moves, you totally invented a trick.  It doesn’t matter if it’s some kinda groundbreaking new idea or concept, you still made it up, and that’s a great step in becoming a better thrower.  Keep it up.

erm… a tad of advice, get better lighting, and throw a breakaway. I seriously cant see anything but the sidestyle sleeper

well i filmed this in my living room so i couldnt really change the lighting. and the main idea of the video wasnt to focus on my mistakes but thanks for the tip ill keep that in mind.

Great job! I enjoyed it.

I like this style :slight_smile: I use a similar move in one of my tricks in a vid I just posted :slight_smile: Nice to see you making up stuff so quickly. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re ahead of where I was probably, minus the breakaway.

Well that window you where standing in front of is a light source. Put the camera up with the light source behind it, so the light source lights you, rather then turns you into a shadow. :slight_smile:
probably want to open them too. :wink:
Also I agree making up a trick and a trick that has never existed are two different things. Good job. Looks like it would be cool if I could see it. :slight_smile:

Thanks. In my next vid I’ll be sure to open that window