So I haven't been here in a while...

Three or fours years to be exact… Pretty sure I registered in 2008 or something crazy like that  ;D

My name is Mitchell, and I turned 18 in October. I used to be really into yoyos, but became busy with school and slowly drifted away…

I’m wanting to start again, but the community has skyrocketed, and the choice in yoyos is slightly overwhelming…

Basically, I’m looking for the following, and I have no idea what is even remotely the best available.

  • A solid, long-spinning 1A yoyo (preferably YYJ or One Drop)
  • A solid, long-spinning 4A yoyo (preferably YYJ)
  • The best appropriate string for each
  • The best long-spinning bearings (I already have a Koncave bearing)

My current yoyos include:

  • YYJ Dark Magic
  • YYJ Legacy (x2)
  • YYJ Lyn Fury
  • YYJ Aquarius
  • YYJ Big Ben
  • YYJ Black Knight
  • YYJ Sunset Trajectory (?)(x2)
  • YYJ Kickside (x2)
  • YYJ Speed Maker
    [li]One of JD’s YYJ yoyos… I believe it was #2 of something. I have no idea what it was called…

I don’t have any suggestions yet because you haven’t really given an amount of money you would like to spend. Also, is there a specific reason for those brands, as in would you be willing to get throws from different brands? If you answer these questions we will probably be able to help you out.

Oh, welcome back!

Money isn’t really an issue, but preferably somewhere between $40-$80 for now. And those are just what I’m used to, but I’m definitely willing to try something new!

The Onedrop Chik is fantastic, especially considering the price. Can’t comment on YYJs as I don’t own any.

String is all personal preference really, you might need to try a few types till you find one that you like best. I like YYSL Ammo myself, but something like Kitty/Fat Kitty is cheaper so that might be worth trying first.

Bearing wise, it’s all the same really. Koncaves/Buddha Ripples/Trifectas are what I use myself.

Welcome back. :smiley:

Welcome Back!

It seems like you have a lot of YYJ throws so Ill recomend something from OD

Im not sure if these yoyos are in your price range but here they ar

Summit (OD X CLYW) $115-$135
Cascade (OD) $115+ (depending on what color you get)
Chik(OD) $80+

And thats about it those are my favorites from OD
as for string I use Kitty String Nylon

Chik and Kitty String.

I believe the last yoyo you mentioned is a Dark Magic 2? Only YYJ I can think of with a 2 lol.
I would grab a Burnside, a Go Big, kitty string, and some General-Yo AIGR bearings.

I believe the original X-Con was JD’s second sig.

I love my one drop rally (and code 2 (but the code 2 is a little more than you said you wanted to spend)

I would get kitty string (version 1.5 is my favorite). I would get a chik and a go big.