So how about that stock market?

Any yoyoers hop on any moon-bound rockets lately?

Not sure if this is an appropriate topic for this forum. Mods plz delete if not.


I traded for years. Did well for a while and got into crypto too, but gave it up cold turkey last year. Liquidated all my accounts, paid off all my debts and mortgage and deleted all trading softwares/apps. My anxiety levels are WAY down as a result.


With the way things are going I see it crashing big… but I’d you can make a few bucks and have some fun with it I say go for it. But yeah to each their own I think the stress/time isn’t worth it for most people


I think some people are going to HODL too long and loose a lot of money. This is a short squeeze and will likely fall just as fast as it rises.
I’ve been trading btc for a while now, so 10-40% swings are nothing to me, but I’m worried about the people who never experienced loosing that much money and get scared and sell too early.

With that said, I think Early next week is gonna be crazy for AMC. I’m in only deep enough not to care if I loose It all. Some people are betting their life savings on these stocks, which is a horrible idea.


This kind of behavior used to be limited to penny-stocks.

One of the best titles on the subject of manias: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.


I bet a bundle on a chicken crossing the street, years ago.

I lost.

But I did end up with enough chicken for 3 good meals.

Sadly, now I’m allergic to the smell of Goodyear tires.


So why did the chicken cross the road then?

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Smart chickens have discovered that it is Always safer to cross the street to avoid walking past a Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Popeyes.

The best way to stay off the lunch special menu.


I’m surprised as there are very few KFC places left. Most of them have become Popeyes.

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Out in California, KFC is still pretty strong.

The main reason Popeyes seems to be taking over is simple.

Popeyes has attracted a large following of Killer Clowns.

Once the Killer Clowns discovered that Cans of Spinach were on the Secret menu>

They have become Supernaturally strong and take over the KFC’s by sheer force.

Sadly a true story.


Dohhh, I totally forgot about the Killer Clowns aspect. That’s a game changer for sure.

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Yeah, I threw a little bit on AMC primarily for entertainment. My actual investments are in boring index funds.

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Yea. because Reddit. Honestly im all for the crusade, but their betting habits are all about literally going for broke. It is just a community that takes gambling risks in a way that promotes addiction, which is harmful to most involved. It is a really cool idea that an average joe, through numerous dangerous gambling transactions, can make mad money, but unfortunately most people lose out, and lose big.

If you want to invest in stocks, go ahead, but doing it in the way that those guys on Reddit are doing it is really too YOLO for my sanity. Tbh im slightly enticed to play, but to play with my financial security with the reckless abandon of a gamer who wants to win a round in an FPS is just not reasonable.

That said, I think I might eventually set aside some “have fun” (in other words my OT pay) to invest in some risky stock market activity. Though it can clearly become a slippery slope so I will have to heavily think of the profit margins of risk like a professional stock broker. Is it really worth the stress?

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I think it is still the second largest fast food franchise in the world, behind McDonalds.

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As of today, KFC is officially 4th “largest” fast food chain globally judging by total locations (1. Subway, 2. McDonald’s, 3. Starbucks, but honestly who thinks of Starbucks as fast food?):

  • ~22,500 total locations, ~4,000 being U.S. spread across all 50 states.

Popeyes comes in at a wimpy 24th

  • ~3,100 total locations, ~2,500 being U.S. spread across 40 states.

So, KFC’s U.S. locations alone exceeds Popeyes total locations. The Colonel is clearly king!

Other fast food franchise fun facts: KFC falls under YUM! Brands (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut) and Popeyes falls under Restaurant Brands International (Tim Hortons, Burger King).


Lmao! I learned Way more about KFC and Popeyes in this thread than I ever Imagined!

It’s actually kinda disturbing to me that KFC and Popeyes tastes exactly the same in CA and PA!
Any fast food for that matter!

Btw, my name is Joe and I’m an ex fast food junkie… I’ve been fast food free for about 5yrs now

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Here is a little more information. I live 8 miles from what once was the Harlan Sanders Café in Corbin, Kentucky. Though it is now billed as the original it was not a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. It was a combination restaurant/hotel/gas station. The first franchise was in Salt Lake City and is now closed. I think I read somewhere that it is now a Taco Bell. Ironically the headquarters from moved from Corbin, KY to Shelbyville (outside of Louisville) because that was a better distribution point for sending out chicken fryers and spice mixes. Maybe 10 years later Interstate 75 was built through Corbin and it is now considered a central distribution point.


Measuring a franchise success by the number of locations is misleading. Subways has one of the least expensive franchises available and the startup costs are negligible compared to something like a McDonalds.

I would refer to revenue. McDonalds revenue is almost twice that of its nearest competitor.

But where does that food come from? Exactly no one knows

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