So Hot...

I know it’s probably been said. I don’t care.

That yellow/black splash BvM coming out here in about an hour is hot. Smoking hot.

If you’re not picking one of these up (regardless of colors!), then I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. All the cool kids will have one.

God, that thing is sexy…

i want one but i dont have money thats my only reason :-[

Yes it is! but i still want a BASSALOPE so idk im stuck in between to rocks! sux.

Drop it like its hot…
This Looks like an amazing Bumble Bee Throw.

I don’t like how narrow it is, anyways, i got 3 BvMs, all different editions, there great, but its just another “splash” yoyo, lol.

Besides i’m waiting for newer yoyos like the campfire to come out ;D


Thanks Robert!

Oh, you’re talking about the BvM? Nevermind. ::slight_smile:

You tryin’ to say that you’re both yellow and black? Splash-style?

better not make out with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Crazy, huh?

what yoyo i this??