Sniffy-Yo Review of the One Drop Code 2


Hi everybody.
I placed up my video review of the Code 2 at:

I hope you enjoy it


hey sniffy im a huge fan i was wondering if you could put a word in to yoyoexpert to make more kitteh code 2s idk if you guys will restock ever but i REALLY want one.


also do you want to chat i really like your reviews im kind of new and i started cuz your vids.


That’s really great to hear. Thanks very much.
@Sniffyo on twitter


Teh Kitteh Code 2 was a one time project for charity, so no more will be made. They all sold out the night they dropped.
@Sniffyo on twitter


awesome review ilke the formate i might try it credit goes to you


Nice. Thank you
@Sniffyo on twitter


hey sucks to hear no more kittehs but there r still normal ones so thats good. also could you put a video of you yoyoing on youtube. or tell me if you have thnx and btw i subscribed to your youtube account i love your reviews


There are some really cool code 2 anos coming out pretty regularly.
@Sniffyo on twitter