Sniffy-Yo CLYW Canvas Video Review


Hey everybody.
I posted a 4-bit Xmas Double Santa Sniffy review of the CLYW Canvas.
What a fantastic throw.

You can check out the review at:



Good review but I couldn’t get through it because it was a little too long and dryish? I was just a few minutes short of the whole thing. I like how you have like santas etc but maybe not talking for the whole time? Really good stuff just tweaked it could be really amazing. I enjoyed it a lot, thanks! Also I think its pretty cool when people show themselves instead of just their hands? I know you didn’t ask for a critique but thats what people tend to do here and I think it is always a great job.

p.s. I have heard about this style of yoyoing you have said and I would love to see it or an example because its hard to line up the yoyo to your style. Like I hear the yoyo your reviewing then your “choreography style” and I don’t really know what that is or if I would like it myself. What is choreography yoyoing that you say you do? It just makes me feel like I cannot relate to the review because it’s something I haven’t heard of. I searched it and couldn’t find anything. Thanks man! Keep em comin! ;D

(M²) #3

It seemed like an ok review, but you should really try to cut back on the length. Not many people are going to sit through a 16 minute review. Maybe 6 minutes tops.