Snapbacks and fitteds?

Hey all! Do any of you guys where snapbacks or fitteds? If so, what’s on yours? I love the SF Giants, so I have two giants snaps and a few fitteds. Hbu?

i have Chicago Cubs fitted baseball batting practice hat that is so over worn that it sometimes falls off my just from bending down. i love that hat sssooooo much, its the only one i wear… but im gonna get some new ones and a few snapies too

nice are u a Cubs fan?

uhm,not realy…my sister lives in chicago. but i do like the team, i just dont follow them… i live in michigan and i am hence predominatly a tigers fan… i follow football more (both american and european)

I gots a neff snapback.

Snapbacks are not really my thing.

Supreme 5 panels are where it is at.

They have a strapback. Way cooler.

Fitteds only. Mickey mouse on em. Swaaaag.