Snap starts help

Looking for tips on how to do snap starts for the life of me I can’t get them down any videos would greatly help too

This wasn’t meant as a tutorial… just a collection of starts:

As for tips… if you’re having a hard time generating spin, you can still do it:

  1. Maybe you’re not “snapping” in the truest sense, just get the yoyo rotating with a motion similar to turning a doorknob. It just needs to be spinning a bit.
  2. Go for a super-long “tail”/loop. Your throwhand should be right near the yoyo.
  3. You MUST be pinching/holding the loop for it to feed into the gap properly.

In the end, the “roll-up” that I show in the video is really just taking those 3 things to an extreme, showing that you can “wind” your yoyo without even snapping.

Greg’s video helped me, I had a hard time with this. It really is just practice and eventually it will just happen. Even if the the yoyo is wobbling all over the place try to get it back up. You will be amazed how little spin it takes once you get the hang of it. I notice that you can kinda throw the loop around the yoyo when you are binding and it will prevent it from ‘spinning out’ and falling, and will still give you a tight bind for your next throw. Good luck!