Smoovs are string monsters!

So I am not the first person with this problem. I know I throw hard, but come one I just went through a humboldt and two alchemy strings in one day of on/off throwing. Anybody know what it is that does that, and is there any way to fix this. Right now I guess I’ll go make more Humboldt Honeys. ;D

This is one of my main throws and I only change my string every other day at most. I have one of the first runs so god only knows if they changed something.

UNN dang. do you use any special string, or do you just go with a polyester?

YYE Poly or my own home grown string. I’ve heard others w/ their new Karrari (if that is how its spelt) had this prob and used a ruff sock to smooth out the catch area.

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If you bought the new blue or orange one then you have one that is roughly blasted. Take some denim and rub it where the strings his the most. right around the bearing and around the outside of the response. This will smooth out the blast and give you your strings back.

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Sweet it is the orage one.

i have the orange with blue splash

They do that? NIAH that is so flippen hot. Dang yo keep your hands on that one… well unless you wanna send it to me.